Restaurant La voce del mare

Ristorante di pesce - Marotta

The search for the true scent of the sea in a combination of tradition and innovation to enhance territoriality and a sense of belonging

Ristorante di pesce - Marotta

Sliced local tuna

Ristorante di pesce - Marotta

mixed fried prawns and squid

Ristorante di pesce - Marotta

La padellaccia


Our room

Cozy, suitable for any kind of event, ceremonies, birthdays, brunches, business dinners



Fish paella is a traditional dish of Spanish cuisine, specifically Valencian.
A dish based on rice rich in fish and spices, a perfect combination of saffron and paprika.


Cous Cous

With fish and vegetables

A traditional dish of the North African cuisine of the Maghreb, very appreciated for the richness of its flavors.
The main ingredient is steamed durum wheat semolina accompanied by vegetables, legumes, spices and fish


Fish burger

A simple and substantial dish.
Traditional sandwiches stuffed with fish burgers and delicious ingredients accompanied by sauces appreciated even by the little ones

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